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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An hour spent @ JoBoy's in Manheim, PA

This past Saturday, brewslut and I drove to a large furniture store in Lancaster, PA to look for a wine cabinet.  On our way home, we stopped in a relatively new brewpub and Bar-B-Q spot in Manheim - JoBoy's.  We had visited once before, right after they had opened their doors for business, and they only had two beers on tap at the time.  During our visit this past weekend, I was pleased to see that they now had six beers on tap, including a special infused version of their Porter, which was basically the beer doused with a shot of chocolate raspberry port!  Brewslut likey, apparently.

I opted for the IPA, which was pretty solid overall.  Brewslut also got a short pour of the IPA, which is a rarity as the style is hit or miss with her.  They also had a new Black IPA on tap, aptly named Hopblack, which was later described by Jeff the owner/brewer as "a work in progress."  While it definitely could use some tweaking (especially in the hops department), this one has a nice roasty and chocolately malt base and shows potential.  I'll be anxious to see how this one progresses in the coming months.  When I asked Jeff about the increase in beer production, he informed me that they recently hired a few part-time brewers to assist him, as he had been brewing solo up until that point. 

Inside, the decor is comfortable and the atmosphere is conducive to drinking and conversation.  They also have a popcorn machine, which is a plus for me (especially since it's free)!  There is also plenty of parking in the rear, so you don't have to park on the narrow main street (ie: Rt. 72) outside.  Now that they are taking the necessary steps to increase production, I will likely stop in more frequently to sample their different brews.  Also, if you are into the whole Bar-B-Q scene, then I definitely recommend this place (although the only thing brewslut and I will eat is the pulled chicken).  But I've heard from a few reliable beer friends that the Bar-B-Q is some of the best around Central PA.  So stop in the next time you find yourself in or around Manheim.

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