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Friday, January 7, 2011

Nugget Nectar 2011 release!

Living in Pennsylvania where the weather changes more often than most people change their underwear, there aren't many things I enjoy about the winter season.  Cold weather and snow come to mind, as well as the ensuing traffic caused by said inclement weather.  But one thing I always look forward to in January is the release of perhaps my favorite beer of all - Troegs Nugget Nectar!  Described by some beer enthusiasts as "HopBack on steroids," Nugget Nectar is an intensely hoppy Amber Ale (not an IPA as many people think) that weighs in at around 93 IBUs and utilizes a variety of hops, most notably whole leaf Nugget hops, hence the beer's moniker. 

This year, Troegs will release Nugget Nectar on Tuesday, January 11 at 10am in the tasting room at the brewery, where one will be able to purchase this liquid perfection via cases or six packs of 12oz. bottles, as well as pints and growler fills.  It goes without saying that this beer is at its peak when it's FRESH, so boogie on over to the brewery this coming Tuesday to get your Nugget Nectar fix.  I know that's where I'll be!


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  1. What...No Comments yet Ffej?! Well let me be the first. A fun read for sure and we just landed our 1st case (of probably 4 or 5) of 2011 Nugget straight from the brewery. Always a favorite!


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