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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Great beer in the Coal Region!

Berwick, PA has always been known for its power plant and high school football team.  A seemingly quiet little coal region town in NEPA, Berwick has never been a beer destination, unless you were looking for Genny Cream Ale or Yuengling.  That is, until now.  What began as a one-man operation in what seemed like a one-car garage, the aptly named One Guy Brewing Company (founded by an actual "Guy"... Guy Hagner) soon blossomed into Berwick Brewing Company and now boasts seven draught beers, amazing homemade pizzas (try the Steve-O Inferno!), a live entertainment annex, and a beautiful, authentic German Biergarten.  Wow!  These days, I find myself looking for any excuse I can to visit somewhere in the vicinity of Berwick just so I can stop by for one of Guy's fantastic brews, whether it be his hoppy Atomic Punk IPA, tasty Hondo Kellerbier or the rarely seen but absolutely delicious bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout (see below for Pleepleus enjoying one as much as Brewslut and I did on our last visit)!

Get off my Kool-Aid, Pleeps!
 Guy has a fondness for traditional German ales and lagers, and he has a knack for brewing them.  His flagship Berwick Lager is flavorful and sessionable, and at only $3.00 a pint, you can't go wrong knocking a few of these back or pairing with a pizza.  As for seasonals, Guy's got a bunch of solid rotating offerings throughout the year, including the beer that has the distinction of being the ONLY BEER MY MOM LIKES!  Yes indeed, while my mother doesn't share my love of beer (one could say that she doesn't even like it at all, and has probably had the equivalent of what I drink in a single day over the course of her 66 years on earth), she had no problem finishing a half pint of Peach Wheat during a visit about a year ago.  Now if that doesn't say something about how good Guy's beers are, I don't know what does!

Guy's solid line-up of beers available during our last visit.

Aside from the food and drink, the people here are great, too.  With a somewhat similar vibe to Selin's Grove Brewing Company, you won't find a bunch of TVs blaring sporting events, but rather you will find good people sharing stimulating, beer-centric conversation with light music playing in the background.  Also, the decor is quite eclectic yet comfortable, and creates an atmosphere that is conducive to good, old fashioned drinking!  When you visit Berwick Brewing Company, you feel like you are drinking in your parent's basement.  But then go outside to the Biergarten, and you are transported to Munich during Oktoberfest!

So, next time you find yourself in the area, do yourself a favor and head over to Berwick for some damn fine beer and pizza, as well as a great atmosphere for your imbibing pleasures.  Knoebel's Amusement Park and Bloomsburg University are both a stone's throw away from Berwick.  And if you're not nearby, then just jump in the nearest car, truck, scooter, RV, snowmobile or helicopter and get moving.  You won't be sorry!

Mmmm... Atomic Punk IPA.  Cheers!

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  1. Totally agree on this one. Don't get there enough myself tho! :O( Still haven't been to Selins' Grove yet either. Double :O(


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