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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drinking "One Day at a Time"

Sometimes, I think I drink too much.  Other times, I feel like I'm not drinking enough.  One thing is for sure, though... I am usually drinking something, somewhere.  If I'm not, I am probably sleeping or working (unless it's a long lunch day at Troegs, but that's a different story)!  Let's walk through a typical week of beer drinking for The Pour Travelers, shall we?

More often than not, I head over to Brass Rail Deli at around 7pm and hang out until closing time, which is only 9pm, unfortunately.  I started this tradition mainly because brewslut got a part-time job there about two years ago, and she always works on Monday nights.  I will typically have two draught beers from Cisco's small but well thought-out tap selection.  This past week, I enjoyed a Rogue Morimoto Imperial Pilsner and a Fort Collins Chocolate Stout. 

I typically have band practice on Tuesday nights (though not tonight, surprisingly) and I usually have two or three bottles from my "DBF" (Dedicated Beer Fridge) down in the basement, or from the beer cellar, especially during the fall and winter months when the beer is at its optimum cellar temperature.  I typically try to keep this limited to my "usual suspects," such as variety cases I purchase.  These tend to be beers I have already reviewed on  I am usually mocked for pouring these beers into plastic cups or (even worse) glass tumblers or shaker pints.  Tonight, I am enjoying a Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout. 

Another band practice night, which alternates with "hang out with brewslut on the couch" nights.  We will typically share a beer or two, or occasionally drink a bottle of wine.  I have fallen behind on my "home reviewing," unfortunately, but sometimes use this night to catch up on a review or two.

Thursday is a great beer day for me, because I always head over to Al's of Hampden prior to my weekly gig with The Think Tank at T. Brendan O'Reilly in Harrisburg.  I slam down one or two pints (usually two) as well as a grilled chicken sub with wing sauce and banana peppers.  I follow this up with one or two beers at O'Reilly's during our set, which lasts from 7pm to 11pm.  They have happy hour from 5pm to 7pm, so I can always grab a Troegs for around $2.25 before we play, which is sweet!  Nugget Nectar is on at the moment, so I am in heaven!

Friday and Saturday
Being a busy musician, I am typically playing shows on Friday and Saturday nights, and more times than not, beer is available.  When I drink for free, look out!  I will take full advantage of it, unless it's free Miller Lite and Yuengling Lager, in which case I will maybe have a Lager and just start a tab if they have decent beer on tap.  On rare weekends when I am not playing, brewslut and I (sometimes with fellow beer travelers) will visit local brewpubs, with our favorites being Selin's Grove, Bullfrog, Victory, Berwick, etc.  Basically, any time I don't have a show (or when I'm playing somewhere close to a brewpub or good beer bar), we will be somewhere drinking beer.

Most Sundays, I am prety run down.  Between working 45 hours a week at my job, playing drums on most days, and going to the gym five times a week, a guy's gotta rest, right?  Sundays are typically lazy days, or "Sillyhead Sundays" as we like to refer to them.  We also reserve Sundays for beer tastings with friends, and had a great one on Super Bowl Sunday, which featured some fantastic growlers including selections from Jackie O's, Weasel Boy and Hill Farmstead.  Occasionally, if I can muster up enough energy, brewslut and I will travel to Iron Hill Lancaster to take advantage of brewslut's mug club membership.  They always have some awesome fresh beer on tap, and the food is stellar.  Afterwards, we'll catch up on our TiVo viewing and fall asleep on the couch.  Then, on Monday morning, we get up and do it all over again!


  1. Do you find you don't drink certain beers because you want to review them but don't actually want to write the review that night?

  2. Yes, unfortunately that happens quite a bit, though not as often as it used to. I'm not quite as anal about my reviews anymore. If I am hanging out with a group of people who aren't reviewing beers, I will typically just chill out and enjoy the beer without having the burden of taking the dreaded notes! ;-)

  3. I was curious since I have the same issue when writing about the beers I drink. Sort of why my beer shelf has ballooned a bit recently. I try to do the same thing if I'm out though since I figure I should be social. My wife doesn't mind though.


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