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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Celebrity Status

Podcasts are like slightly more high-tech versions of blogs. I've had the pleasure of doing a handful of these over the last few years through Tröegs and a couple centered around some of my bands. However, I've never been asked to appear on one based on my own merit as a - for lack of a better term - local celebrity.

With that said, check out my recent appearance on the new craft beer-centric podcast, Operation Shutdown. For its ninth episode, we discuss (among other things) working at Tröegs, my love for Selin's Grove, my Rush tribute band Solar Federation, Ffej of July, goats, beer traveling, and this very blog itself, The Pour Travelers.

Thanks to Bill and Ed for being cool hosts. I look forward to doing another episode soon (maybe to talk about Imminent Liquidation)!

You can stream the audio or download it by clicking HERE. Enjoy!


  1. love of Selin's Grove = awesome!

    1. Yup! It's my benchmark brewery. Love the pub!


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