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Friday, March 27, 2015

Imminent Liquidation: 5th Anniversary!

We thought it wasn’t gonna happen, BUT... Imminent Liquidation returns for its fifth year on Saturday, April 25. This special 5th anniversary commemoration of the premier bottle share event in Central PA will be held at The Garlic Poet’s brand new Grain + Verse Bottlehouse in New Cumberland, PA from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Imminent Liquidation encourages attendees to dust off and share beers from their cellars with fellow craft beer enthusiasts. If you don't have any “rare” beers, feel free to bring a favorite from your fridge to share. It doesn't have to be a white whale or an expensive cork & cage, hand-numbered, limited edition, once-and-done batch. Just bring some good beer to share with everyone! You can also let everyone know what you're bringing by signing our public spreadsheet:

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN TASTING GLASS. A small 4oz. or half pint glass will suffice rather than a full-sized glass. However, you are welcome to bring any drinking vessel you wish.

Attendees are asked to wear name tags, which will be available at the greeting table upon entry to the event. We feel this encourages friendly conversation with people you may not know. We will also have raffle tickets available to purchase, and throughout the day we will raffle off a variety of beer-related items donated from fellow participants and local businesses. You are also required to bring beer (typically one or two bombers, a growler, or some 12oz. bottles, or any combination of the above).

Although there is no admission fee, attendees are asked to make a per-person monetary donation (the amount is up to you) at the event to be used for gratuity for the staff at Grain + Verse. All other contributions will be donated to the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area and Castaway Critters, both non-profit animal rescue organizations.

Since Grain + Verse will need to close the bottle shop for the duration of the event, attendees are strongly encouraged to purchase food from its menu, which includes a variety of pizzas, bolis, paninis, salads, and appetizers.

For directions and information specific to the venue, please visit the Grain + Verse web site at

Please direct all questions and information about Imminent Liquidation to Ffej Herb via or the official Imminent Liquidation Facebook page. Please do not contact the venue directly for questions specific to the event. Thank you!

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