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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


If you read just about any of the blogs posted here at The Pour Travelers, then you probably have noticed that Brewslut and I typically travel with a drinking companion, a little monkey named Pleepleus.  He loves traveling with us to beer destinations, and he is definitely not camera-shy (like Brewslut).   Fans of TV personality and professional drinker Zane Lamprey will recognize Pleepleus as his traveling mascot on shows such as Drinking Made Easy and Three Sheets.  Brewslut and I are huge fans of both shows, and a while back (well before Zane started selling them on his web site), I decided to scour the internet to find our very own Pleepleus.  He is actually a Ty Beanie Baby named Swinger, and I was able to procure one rather easily on ebay.  Pleepleus (or Pleeps, as we usually call him), joins us on our beer trips and likes sitting on the bar sharing our beer.  Like Brewslut, he is a huge fan of Berliner Weisse.  So next time you find us out and about, you will probably see Pleeps enjoying some craft beer with us.  Come up and say "hi".  He loves the attention!

Swillin' at Pizza Port Ocean Beach! 

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