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Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Weekend: Part III

We got a good night's sleep on Sunday and awoke to be treated to a fine pancake breakfast, courtesy of Bruce.  After showering and packing up, we said our goodbyes and left Lovelton, PA for good ol' Annville... but not before making a few stops along the way!  Bill from suggested we stop at Sabatini's on our way home, if time permitted.  Of course time permitted, since beer was involved!

Similar to one of my favorite beer spots, Al's of Hampden, Sabatini's is a pizza joint with an amazing beer selection including twelve well-picked taps and a pretty ridiculous bottle selection.  They even have an updated bottle list for your perusal, as they don't have everything that is available in their cooler upstairs.  The tap list was quite diverse and featured something for everyone, including Port Wipeout IPA, DFH My Antonia, and even Lost Abbey Brandy Barrel Angel's Share (of which I took home a growler for the insanely reasonable price of $30)!  I also picked up a few bombers to go, including Left Hand Wake Up Dead (named after the great Megadeth song) and some Terrapin Side Project beers. 

Our next stop was Krugel's Georgetown Deli, and I was flabbergasted to find that they just about tripled their floor space, it seemed!  We first visited Krugel's on one of our last outings to Bruce's based on the recommendation of a beer friend (thanks Jason aka BA clockworkorange!) and even back then I was impressed by their beer selection and friendly service.  Well, now they have expanded their floor space and even added draft beers, which you can enjoy by the pint or growler.  Their vast selection included just about everything you can find legally in PA, conveniently organized by beer style (ie. all of the IPAs are side-by-side on the racks).  Additionally, they have a nice selection for mixed six-packs, which is always a big plus in my book.

I was glad to find a 2-pack of Cigar City's "Either Or" black ale and quickly grabbed one from the shelves to take home.  While their prices are a bit higher than I found at Sabatini's, there is no denying their selection, which is truly fantastic... even if they were located outside NEPA! 

Well folks, that just about does it for the birthday weekend trek to NEPA.  Until next time... cheers, and keep drinking beer!

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