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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Imminent Liquidation is upon us!

On Saturday, March 5, The General Sutter Inn will host the inaugural "mother of all bottle share events" in the Central PA region.  Assembled for members of Beer Advocate and local craft beer enthusiasts, the event - dubbed "Imminent Liquidation" - allows participants to dust off rarities from their collective beer cellars and share them with fellow beer geeks.  Over the course of four hours (from 12 noon to 4pm), the event will allow participants to share and sample a variety of beers from potentially all over the world. 

While there is no admission per se, participants will be required to purchase a $10 gift card to The General Sutter Inn / Bulls Head Public House, which can be used either at the event for food or during a future visit.  Aside from the beer tastings, each participant will receive a free raffle ticket upon entry, and throughout the afternoon, several beer-related items donated from Beer Advocates and local businesses will be raffled off.  Some of the items include: a free overnight stay and breakfast for two at the Central Hotel and Conference Center in Harrisburg, PA (courtesy of the hotel); a 3L magnum of Stone Double Bastard (donated by Al's of Hampden) and a 2001 vintage 750mL Stoudt's Abbey Triple (donated by Mastracchio's Lounge).

If you plan to attend, please be sure to BRING YOUR OWN TASTING GLASS... preferably a small 4- or 5oz. tasting glass.

For more information, please visit The Bulls Head Public House or the official Beer Advocate event listing.  Hope to see you there!


  1. Definitely wish I could make this. I missed Stone Soup for various reason and am going to miss this too. Hope it goes well and becomes a tradition.

  2. Hey Ffej!

    I met you in San Diego at the Coronado Brewing Company. I work with Dano. Great Blog - I enjoy reading it. Next time you get to San Diego we'll have to enjoy a mug or three of Idiot IPA

  3. Hey Andy! Thanks for reading. Hopefully we will be back to San Diego this summer. If so, we must get together for a few pints at Coronado. Cheers!

  4. Hey Ffej,
    The event looks like it was fantastic. Nice job! How was that Firkin from Al's? Sounds like it was fantastic. Did C bring that flight of Gratitude?

    The Philly Craft Beer Fest that day was awesome though! Their best year yet. And the volunteer gig certainly had its perks.

    Hope to see you and the rest of the CPA contingent soon.



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